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Weekly People Update: Suzy Heazlewood – I fled New Zealand

Since exposing the ugly side of public life, former infomercial presenter Suzy Heazlewood’s life has improved.

The Auckland mother had become suicidal and was forced to move to Australia to escape the abuse that followed after appearing on TV for seven years as the face of Puraz, a collagen capsule designed to help men and women look younger.

Juggling her TV appearances with full-time work as a postie, Suzy revealed how she was constantly attacked in public and experienced online bullying by “pram-pushing mums”.

“Since the Weekly article, I have been inundated with support from Kiwis telling me how shocked they were at the amount of nastiness I had endured,” explains Suzy.

“Exposing the bullying and receiving positive feedback has helped restore some faith in Kiwi sisterhood.”

Suzy had successfully used Puraz before she was chosen to be a spokesperson. The mother of four adult children is not yet ready to move home, but does return on occasion to visit as she desperately misses them.

Suzy says she is now focusing on heading a new campaign.

“I have changed my role from being a face of anti-aging to being a face for anti-bullying.”

She has been contacted by TV personality Charlotte Dawson, who has experienced a similar situation.

“Her advice was to keep being active because it helps you to heal faster.”

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3 Responses to “Weekly People Update: Suzy Heazlewood – I fled New Zealand”

  1. suzyheazlewood Feb 27 2014, 1:36am

    Kitty Kat
    You are sooooo correct, I am not a ‘star’…never have been never will be. Just a woman with a big heart and feelings who took up the challenge to promote a product I love …..Fresh off the posty bike…Go figure!…for want of a better description…a ‘Nobody’….and I mean no disrespect to myself when I say that….:)
    You will never know the abuse I received and how horrible it was for me and my family… as you will never be in my shoes or Charlottes for that matter.
    In the wake of Charlottes death I am saddened by your comment ( which is why I am compelled to reply), but not surprised…it seems to ok to dis people you don’t even know……which is one of the reasons Charlotte is no longer with us.
    To shine in this darkened world is becoming very very hard….people seem to want to ‘stub’ you out if you look like you are doing well… so sad.
    I live by my own mantra…’It is hard enough to survive in this life let alone succeed….so be kind’.

    Exposing my plight has been the best thing I did , ego had nothing to do with it… wellness…yes.
    Awareness is the key…even though some may never choose to evolve
    Warm regards
    Suzy Heazlewood

  2. kittycat127 Jan 23 2014, 1:05pm

    I am skeptical; being on an advertisement doesn’t make someone a ‘star’ and I am surprised that anyone even recognised her off-screen. I wouldn’t have, as I take little notice of ads generally and long ads are impossibly tedious to watch.

    If it was that bad, why didn’t she just stop doing the ads ? The idea that someone is so important and famous that they have to flee the country sounds highly improbable-I think that we may be looking at an inflated ego here. It doesn’t happen to other people, even ones who really are famous, with the possible exception of the ever attention-seeking Charlotte Dawson who seemed to imagine that everyone was as fascinated by her as she was and was forever whining about how horrible it was to be such a star that she had no privacy. The only thing worse was when she didn’t have the attention, I suppose, and for people who dislike it as much as these two seem to, they seem to spend an awful lot of time making sure that everyone knows this. Tall poppy, indeed, tall ego more likely !

  3. Lolli Jan 8 2014, 10:57pm

    I cannot for the life of me understand those “pram pushing mums,” or any other of Suzy’s bullies – those gutless creatures, hiding behind a computer screen, hurling abuse. Actually, my guess is they’re envious of Suzy, her looks, her bubbly personaltiy, her life style, the whole shebang, they’re jealous that their lives suck so much that they take it out on her. Tall poppy syndrome magnified. More to be pitied than scorned as my late husband used to say.


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