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Weekly People Update: Jacqui Scott – ‘I can’t afford my life-saving operation’

Rape victim Jacqui Scott’s painful plight sent shock waves throughout the country.

After surviving a horrific attack in 2005, the Napier grandmother’s internal injuries were so severe that a nine-hour operation was required, in which she had two surgical mesh units planted inside her to fix a vaginal prolapse.

The procedure was meant to help, but instead it has been a burden. The mesh is eroding and causing havoc inside her body.

Outraged she wasn’t warned of the risks, Jacqui (61) will die if she doesn’t have the mesh removed. The operation can only be done in the US and Jacqui is disappointed she has been turned down by ACC.

She’s also heartbroken she has not been able to raise the $244,000 to save her life, with her campaign reaching $47,000 to date – only a quarter of what she needs.

Although ACC have declined Jacqui’s application to fund the surgery overseas, they told the Weekly they would look at other options, such as bringing a surgeon to New Zealand to perform the operation.

But the longer she waits, the worse her condition is getting.

“I feel very angry – I don’t want to die from this,” Jacqui tells the Weekly.

“Hopefully one day I will be a happy person again.”

2 Responses to “Weekly People Update: Jacqui Scott – ‘I can’t afford my life-saving operation’”

  1. Shesamod Jan 8 2014, 4:21pm

    This is an outrage. She should be able to sue… oh that’s right, in NZ you can’t sue doctors. Someone with means, please help her!

  2. lmpgal Jan 8 2014, 12:40pm

    No wonder my surgeon said not to have the mesh when I had that operation. Poor thing, surely there are specialists in NZ who could do the op?

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