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Weekly People Update: Bryan & Jo Guy – ‘We’ve achieved our goal’

It’s a saga that still has the country enthralled. The murder of Feilding farmer Scott Guy dominated headlines, especially when his brother-in-law, Ewen Macdonald, was charged with the crime. He was acquitted in July last year.

When Scott’s parents, Bryan and Jo Guy, appeared in the Weekly on the eve of their book release, they revealed how life has been for them since the horrific ordeal in July 2010.

Writing and reliving the painful memories was a therapeutic process for the loving parents.

“It’s amazing to step back and see some of the moments you have been through and how much you have grown and learned,” Bryan reveals.

New Zealanders proved they are still fascinated by one of the biggest news stories of the last four years when the book, Scott Guy: His Parents’ Story of Love, Betrayal, Murder and Courage, sold out in two weeks, and a reprint of 10,000 extra copies was immediately ordered.

“Many people have been in contact to tell us how inspiring they have found our story. All we wanted to do was help others, and we’re pleased to have achieved that,” Bryan says.

Despite their emotional past, Jo and Bryan have positive family events to look forward to in 2014. Next month, their youngest son Callum will marry his girlfriend, Brooke Christensen, and their daughter, Anna, Ewen’s ex-wife, is expecting a baby with her partner of one year Brent Jameson.

“Anna is excited. They haven’t found out whether the baby is a boy or girl. They’re keeping it a surprise,” Bryan tells.

Although Ewen was acquitted of the murder, he was found guilty of other crimes, including the slaughter of 19 calves and burning down a home on Scott’s property. He’s serving a five-year jail sentence and was denied parole.

“We are pleased they are keeping him in prison for another 12 months,” Bryan says.

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