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Weekly People Update: Bernice Cannard – Bigger and better by the day

Busy mum Bernice Cannard never thought finding a pair of tights would lead to a successful business helping plus-size women.

At 1.95m tall and weighing more than 100kg, she managed to find clothes and shoes to fit, but had trouble seeking outa pair of stockings to accompany a dress she’d bought for a wedding. Bernice tried store after store, but always the same result – when she put them on, they didn’t fit.

Knowing there was a huge gap in the market, the Taupo resident was determined to come up with a solution.

“Stockings make a huge difference,” says Bernice. “They give you more options and complete an outfit.”

Desperate, Bernice, who also works as a chef, found the UK-based stockist for All Woman pantyhose and began distributing the product in New Zealand. She became a saviour for many plus-sized women around the country.

Since she shared her story in the Weekly, business has been booming.

“There’s been a huge growth. Before the article came out, we were selling two units a day. Now we’re averaging 15.”

Bernice says it’s not only a product that she’s providing, she’s also giving voluptuous women more freedom.

“Providing stockings for plus-sized women opens so many doors for us. We can wear shorter skirts, and have comfort and style.

“Before, we had no choices. I used to wear trousers and jeans and just settle. I don’t feel so self-conscious about my legs anymore.”

Issue 1541

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