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Anna Guy’s Joy: “We’re having a baby”

It’s been a bittersweet year for the family of murdered Feilding farmer Scott Guy.

In the past few months, the close-knit clan have celebrated a wedding and mourned another death.

But their year will end on a positive note, after the  announcement that Scott’s sister Anna, whose ex-husband Ewen Macdonald was acquitted of killing Scott, is expecting baby number five, with new partner Brent Jameson.

“She’s quite excited,” father Bryan told the Weekly, saying that Anna is expecting in March.

It continues what has been a rollercoaster for the family. Eldest daughter Nikki wed her husband Paul Speedy in April. But their joy soon turned to sadness when their first born, Elsie Jane, who was cared for at Starship Hospital, passed away at the beginning of this month, aged just two weeks.

Bryan says Anna’s news has brought some welcome happiness.

“We’ve gone through mixed emotions,“ Bryan says. “We’ve been through the devastation of the loss of Nikki’s baby, but now we’re delighted that Anna and Brent are expecting.”

Anna has been dating her marketing executive beau for over a year. Along with her children Finn (9), Jack (8), Lucy (6) and Wade (4), Anna moved from Feilding to Auckland’s North Shore to start a new life.

Her aim to forge a career in broadcasting, which she began by interning at a Manawatu radio station, saw her become a blogger for a news website, and led to a highly publicised appearance on the debut episode of TV3’s current affairs show, 3rd Degree.

Brent – who is formerly of Dannevirke – has helped Anna through the worst crisis of her life, and has provided her with the love and support she has craved since her brother was gunned down on the family farm in 2010.

“I’m not feeling guilty at all for being in love,” she said on the TV programme.

Macdonald (32) is serving a five-year sentence at Christchurch Men’s Prison, after admitting six crimes that surfaced during the murder investigation, including the arson of an old farmhouse on Scott Guy’s property, vandalism of Scott and wife Kylie’s new home, and killing calves on a Foxton property.

“I want to be known as Anna Guy. Not Ewen Macdonald’s ex-wife. I just want to leave him behind, I don’t want him in my life,” she admits.

Macdonald is next eligible for parole in November. But Bryan says they want to focus on the positives, such as the birth of his new grandchild.

“We have other things to concentrate on and just want to move forward.”

Asked if there could be wedding bells for Anna and Brent, Bryan was coy.

“There might be, but I’m not privy to that information.”

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One Response to “Anna Guy’s Joy: “We’re having a baby””

  1. Lily1959 Sep 30 2013, 8:36am

    I think this is wonderful news for Anna,but why oh why does Anna have to have every story written about her start with ,sister of murder victim Scott Guy.We all know Anna and we all know how we come to know Anna.I think it’s high time that was left out of the stories.Anna Is a lovely lady who deserves her happeness and this baby still has the murder hanging over it’s wee head..

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