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Make a pretty face compact case

Make a pretty face compact case

These little cases are great for protecting your mirror and keeping it safe while it is in your bag. It’s especially cute if you make it in your own likeness.


You’ll need:
• 20 x 20cm piece of felt, for head
• 20 x 20cm piece of felt, for hair
• Scraps of felt, for cheeks and hair decorations
• Bondaweb/Vliesofix
• Black and pink embroidery floss
• Embroidery thread, in matching colours
• Small popper
• 8cm-diametre circular pocket mirror

1.Using the templates, cut out the pieces required. You will need one face, one fringe, two hair pieces and two cheeks (if required).

2. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, stick the two hair pieces and the face to the fringe using Bondaweb or Vliesofix. Make sure the face and fringe form a perfect
circle when stuck together. Stitch French knots for the eyes or sew a straight vertical stitch.

3.Using a thread that matches the hair colour, blanket stitch around the top edge from left to right on the hair piece (see below). Repeat this step on the face piece.

craft pretty face image one4.Place the face on top of the hair (with the eyes and mouth outwards) so that they line up all the way around and the tab sticks out at the top. Using blanket stitch, sew the face to the hair from point A to B in the opposite direction as you did before. This creates a pocket from the lower half of the face for the mirror to sit in. Change the colour of the thread to match when sewing the skin or hair.

craft what a pretty face image two5.Using thread that matches the hair colour, stitch one half of the popper to the bottom of the tab and sew the other half to the corresponding spot on the front hair piece. Place the mirror in the case and check that the popper will close.

6. To disguise the stitching on the tab, use scraps of felt to make a bow. If you like, you could make a feather arrangement or top the bow with a button. Sew in place.

To make a bow

1.Using the templates, cut the pieces out of the felt. Fold the two ends of the main bow (piece 1) in towards the middle and sew in place using a small running stitch. Tightly pull the stitches to gather the bow slightly. Add a couple of extra stitches to the middle to hold in place.

2. Wrap piece 2 around the middle of the bow to cover the stitches. Sew in place at the back. Fold piece 3 in half at a slight angle and sew the fold at the back to create a complete bow.

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