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How to decorate your christmas tree

1) Let there be light

When decorating your tree, start with lights. Always test them first to ensure they work before placing them.

Depending on the size of your tree, most require at least two sets of lights – there are generally 200 bulbs in a pack.

If you’re lighting a bigger than normal tree,it is best to go for three sets. Start winding them from the top, ensuring the plug point lands where you need it to at the bottom.

Tuck your light strand neatly in the branches of the tree, hiding your strands but not the bulbs.

Run the end of the strand through to the middle and feed it to the bottom, ensuring that you can still easily get to the light control box (if you have one of these). Make sure the lights are evenly distributed throughout your tree.

2) Decorations

Start with your largest decorations, spacing them evenly across, and work your way down to your smallest, slowly filling in the empty spaces.

My favourite this year are faux poinsettias.

They have a beautiful shape and are available in great Christmas colours, such as red and gold.

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