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Small spaces

There are plenty of ways to maximise your space if you are in a tight spot.

Ironically, smaller spaces require more forethought and planning than larger ones.

Start by choosing your colours. There are an overwhelming number of combinations out there, so make sure your choice of hue doesn’t completely take over the space. Bold colours can cloud your judgement when shopping, so opt for neutral tones to begin with, and work from there.

By using a deep grey (try Resene’s Trojan), we have given this room a feeling of depth, as it is a cooler tone. Keeping to a limited palette also offers a fresh look, which is vital in a small area.

Bright colours and clutter can quickly overwhelm a room of this size. Stick to just enough items to give it a modern, lived-in feel.

Wooden stand $249.99 from Annie Boyd, Ecoya candle $99.95 from Red Currant, Cake stands $12.99 from Linenz direct, Knife stand $99.95 from Taylor Road, Salt and pepper grinders $169 from The Object Room,Cushions $65 each from Superette, Patterned glass vase $18 from Red Currant, Candles from $4.50 from Superette, Bottle opener $39.95 from The Object Room, Teapot $129.95 from Taylor Road, Trojan $58 from Resene.

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