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Six ways to decorate your outdoor area

1. If you have the ways and means to put a roof over your deck or patio area you will be able to use it all year round – although you might want, or need, an outdoor gas heater or even a brazier or fire pit to keep you warm during winter. Good outdoor lighting is also a huge advantage.

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2. While some of us have outdoor rooms to rival the Ritz with kitchens, pizza ovens and elaborate ponds, simple is often the best. If you don’t actually have a deck or patio, grab a canvas gazebo, sun umbrella or even find a shady tree and create a special spot where you can relax with friends and family.

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3. If you don’t have any outdoor areas at your home or they’re hopelessly small, never despair. It’s still possible to make an appealing space on the tiniest of balconies and if all else fails, use an inside window ledge for your garden!

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4. The definition of outdoor furniture was once just a table and chairs – or a bench seat if you were being really fancy. Now, the modern outdoors can be equipped with weather-proof sofas for total comfort. Going a step further, many homeowners have set up stereo systems for backyard entertainment.

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5. Wooden furniture is a perennial favourite and can be jazzed up with a coat of brightly coloured paint. It’s nice to have a colour theme for your outdoor space as this helps you focus when planning the décor, and finding objects that fit the theme is a thrill.

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6. A front porch or veranda can be so much more than just the entrance to your home. Try turning the area into another outdoor room, filling it with plants and a comfortable chair or two. This part of the house is often shady, making it an ideal place to escape the sun and cool down in.

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