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Interior decorating: Soft focus

A living room should always feel like a comfortable, cosy area in your home. This space (left) achieves just that with casual, affordable pieces, whilst still maintaining an undeniable sense of style.

It’s a tremendously busy room, but thanks to the pale palette, the contents don’t overwhelm the space, despite it being crammed to the brim.

When I was out shopping for this lovely lounge, I could have filled it 10 times over, as the theme allows such a breadth of options. The eclectic look comprises functional furniture, as well as antiques and a hint of vintage.

But it’s the personal belongings that make a home so cosy – particularly to the owner. Myidea of perfection is sticking to these soft, earthy tones and throwing in a couple of hints of colour to bring it all to life.

Map dress $195 from Annex design, Frosted bird votives $16.50 each from Redcurrant, Candles $24.95 each from The Object Room, Bone white pot $36 from Redcurrant, Mug covers $4.50 from Linenz Direct, Shoe horn $54.99 from Annie Boyd, Pink and green candle sticks from $45 from Redcurrant, Fat ladies $89 each from Tesori, Blue heart $59.99 from Annie Boyd, Glass cake stand $25 from Linenz Direct, Liquer glasses $6.99 each from Linenz Direct

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Annex Design

Annie Boyd (09) 376 2172

LINENZ direct

The Object Room



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