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Interior decorating: Monochrome palettes

This black and white combination is one that never seems to date, and gives you plenty of options to choose from in stores. Warm the room with pops of colour, or simply leave as is.

Create a stylish, modern space by employing the classic contrast of black and white. Stark white floors and walls create the perfect backdrop for dark furniture, allowing them to become the central focus.

In fact, they almost appear as though they are floating in this room.

The striking duo means the eye is drawn to lines, forms and shapes, turning simple objects into works of art. You don’t have to splash out on expensive pieces to create the look – simple, affordable purchases look elegant in this setting. When sticking to a very limited colour palette, it’s important to add more depth by using a range of patterns and textures.

And don’t forget to add comfort into the mix amongst all those hard lines! Opt for soft furnishings and cushions in luxurious fabrics. Also, use colour sparingly.

Elemis geo cushion $19.99 from The Warehouse, Luxe cushion $19 from Ezibuy, A Millie cross $45 from Wild Willow Creations, Swans black large $45.90 small $31.90 from Chambers, Black chandelier small $129 from Allium, Reside metal stool $69.99 from The Warehouse, B&W Photo frame $38.50 from republic, Box $82.90 and teaspoons $8 each from Allium, Placemat rounds $6.90 from Corso de fiori, Moda dog money box $4.99 from The Warehouse, Trelise Cooper candle $39.99 from Ezibuy, Trelise Cooper fair leather friends trunk set $299.99 from Ezibuy, Licorice N&C $29.99 from Farmers, Venice metal lantern 414.99 from The Warehouse, Anastasia mirror $9.99 from The Warehouse, Fashion book $75 from Novel, Wire man $158.90 from Chambers.

Find it:

  • Allium
  • Annex Design
  • Annie Boyd (09) 376 2172
  • Chambers
  • Corso de’ fiori
  • Ecoya
  • Ezibuy
  • farmers
  • NOVEL (09) 376 5869
  • republic
  • Resene
  • the warehouse
  • wild willow creations
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