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Interior decorating: Decadent bathrooms

Bathrooms are often designed to be serene, yet stark and sterile areas of the home, but they’re also the perfect place in which to have some fun and be bold. This one is rich in colour and full of life, offering the warmest of welcomes.

An earthy bench-top is the perfect base from which to build. Rustic tones are brought to life with vibrant shades of cerise and orange and hints of green. These hues give the room an almost tropical feel – who wouldn’t want to step out of the shower feeling like they’re on holiday?

Choosing to dress your bathroom with gorgeous pieces means you can put all your favourite products on display. Plus, you’re more likely to remember to use them if they’re in sight, rather than hidden away in drawers.

Keeping pot plants inside may seem like a thing of the past,but they’re perfectly placed in a bathroom, as they will literally bring the space to life. You’ll get a similar result with cut flowers. Choose a bright vase, a few cheerful stems and pack with greenery (a cheaper option at the florists), or just snip a handful from the garden. Bringing the outdoors in will enhance the serenity

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