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Interior decorating: Beach inspired interiors

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a home with stunning water views, make the most of it by creating an open-plan, marine-style mecca that flows seamlessly into the outdoors.

However, you don’t need to be sea-side to pull off this style. The key to open-plan, beach-style living is where you place your furniture. And less is most definitely more.

Avoid any arrangement that obstructs movement or makes the space feel cluttered. You want to be able to head straight outdoors whenever the feeling strikes you!

Painting the floor white will add to the sense of light and space, and the more time and preparation you put in, the more you’ll be thanking yourself later!

Clean any surfaces thoroughly, and fill any nicks and cracks before you start painting. Three coats should be sufficient.

A tip from my experience: leave the floor to dry for at least 28 days before dragging heavy objects over it.

Once the groundwork’s done, you can start accessorising. Anchor your style with some of these nautical-themed treasures.

Wooden clock $119 from The object room, Blanket $149 from Annie Boyd, Natilus shell $48 from Redcurrent, The Aromatherapy co soaps $13.99 each from Farmers, Head $149 from Superette, Pair of wire baskets $115 from Superette, Fish box $12.50 from Linenz direct, Anchor wall art $39.99 from Ezibuy, Bowl $10.95 large cup $9.45 small cup $5.95 from Taylor road, Yacht $179 from Annie Boyd, Dock lantern $29.99 from Ezibuy (candle not included), Bottle vase $59 from Tesori, Habito cushions $24.95 each from The Warehouse.

Find it:

  • Annie Boyd (09) 376 2172
  • Ezibuy
  • Farmers
  • Linenz direct
  • Resene
  • Redcurrent
  • Superette
  • Taylor road
  • Tesori
  • The Object Room
  • The warehouse
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