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Ideas for decorating your bathroom on a budget

A good bathroom can involve a major investment, but there are small, budget-friendly changes you can make that will let you achieve a whole new look. Whatever’s happening in the bathroom zone at your place, there’s sure to be something on this page to inspire you.

Supersize your small bathroom


While we’d all love a bathroom with an Olympic pool-sized bath and a separate vanity for each family member, that’s the kind of luxury only a Kardashian could afford! The trick to making small bathrooms look bigger lies in your use of colour. All white not only looks fresh and totally fantastic, but it can open up the space significantly.

What's old is new again


It can be fun to juxtapose a very modern-style vanity with old furniture that can be used for storage. Another option here would be one of those gorgeous, lacquered, free-standing units found at Asian furniture stores.

Light fantastic


When you’re putting in a new bathroom or refurbishing an old one, pay special attention to lighting. Downlights set in the recesses of this elegant tiled bathroom provide fantastic focal points. And don’t forget to allow for power supply too. While I love my own bathroom, I do wish we’d made provision for using a hairdryer in there!

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