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Home: Taking risks with colour

With spring arriving, there’s no better time to be brave and add some real pizzazz to your home. When opting for bright colours,

it pays to remember what effect these are likely to have on your room. Warm tones draw larger spaces in, giving it a smaller feel – try this in a lofty living area, to create a more intimate and homely vibe. On the other hand, cool hues will make a smaller room feel larger, lighter and airy.

I love to employ a mix of both warm and cool colours to contrast with each other – particularly the pairing of hot pink (try Resene’s Colour Me Pink) with a soft blue or mint (such as Resene’s Morning Glory). It’s a crisp look, and using these shades together also allows you to introduce modern, chic objects and furniture.

When decorating, I wanted to display a lot of colours which really popped against the décor. But don’t get overwhelmed – just stick to a few pieces that are not just bright, but also tasteful.

Felt flower cushion $126.90 from Chambers, Zig-zag cushion $56 from Red currant, Orange, red, pink candles from $24.95 from the object room, Marilyn Monroe book $125 from Superette, Tin (star) $45 from Taylor road, Tin (butterfly) $25 from Taylor road, Resene paint in colour me pink and morning glory from $56.50 (1L),Deer horn $249 from Superette, Flower stool $129 from The object room, Ceramic wall hearts $34.90 from Chambers, Heart door mat $39.99 from Line NZ Direct.



Linenz direct




Taylor road

The Object Room

Photo from: Photonewzealand/Living4media

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