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Home – Creating a man cave

We all need our own space away from the world, but guys in particular will thrive in a room that is tailored around their hobbies, interests and all things blokey.

Spoil the man in your family by creating or adding to an area at home that is truly his. Whether it’s a full-on man cave or just a small, enjoyable place to take time out, it’s nice for them to have a spot to call their own. Treasures that remind them of the past are ideal, as well as family memories and mementos they hold dear, to create a relaxing space.

It’s also important to ensure the room has a masculine feel, which can be done by using a colour palette of neutral shades, such as blacks, whites and greys. Keep the space cosy, but still obviously “manly”, by using family photos, lightly scented candles and personalised objects. Interactive items, such as this cool “building blocks for adults” Lego Architecture, give you a chance to create a project together with your dad, or the father of your children, leaving him with something that’s sentimental and long-lasting.

Find it: Herringbone and Houndstooth robes $79.90 each from Chambers, Tissue box $19.90 from Chambers, Lego architecture $79.99 from The object room, HIM letters $25 each from Annex design, Ecoya candle $49.95from selected Farmers stores, Yacht $169 from Annie Boyd, Wallet $49.95 from the object room, Resene paint in Mischka from $57.70 (1L), Coat hook $89.90 from Taylor road, Picture frames $89.99 and $99.95 from Taylor road.

Find it:

Annex Design

Annie Boyd (09) 376 2172





Taylor road

The Object Room

Triumph & Disaster

2 Responses to “Home – Creating a man cave”

  1. jasonhighet Sep 3 2013, 7:18am

    Lightly scented candles? In a man cave?

  2. The Think Farm Sep 3 2013, 7:03am

    Forgive me for saying so but the entire concept of a man cave is that it contains no estrogen or influence thereof! If someone put a sign on the wall saying HIM there would consequences and repercussions. They are not neat, colour coordinated, structured or planned and contain treasured items banned by most EU countries. They reflect the thoughts and personality of the owner not the owners partner. Perhaps we could go pick the new drapes when you are done with the man cave? Seriously Sally?

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