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Using rich hues with a real depth will make the kitchen feel warm, cosy and full of life.

Be confident with your bold choices – even if these shades are a bit out of your comfort zone. My decorating philosophy is it’s only a coat of paint – and if you get sick of it, just repaint.

I probably change my own walls at home at least once a year. Just a simple switch in the colour creates a whole new look and feel to the room, opening up further opportunities for moving furniture around. There’s nothing like giving your space a new life to leave you feeling refreshed.

Keep the accessories simple, yet bright. I just went to Plastercraft, got a plain wall mount and painted it a luscious red. This could be used as either a piece of art, or as a candle ledge to create a warm glow for a romantic dinner.

Tiki $46 from The Garden party, Bean Bag $49.99, Stick blender $99.99 from farmers, Resene Paint in red tape from $63.50 (1L), Wall mount $38.70 from plastercraft, Scullery Orange Press $15.99 from Farmers, Banana bowl $89.90 from Republic, cake tin $29.99 from farmers, Pump soap $34.90 from Chambers, Diffusion set (35ml) $16.99 from farmers, Plastic bin (all colours) $14.99 from The Warehouse, Utensil wall Clock $29.99 from the Warehouse


The Garden party
The warehouse

Photo: photo newzealand/living4media

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