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Decorating with citrus colours

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Kitchen makeovers are always a favourite of mine, because you can quickly and very easily transform the room with a few key changes.

Green walls cleanse the space and when paired with a strong pink, the result is a striking, modern combination.

Resene’s Mantis (opposite page) is perfect for this room – the lime shade is undoubtedly bright and beautiful, yet it is still soft enough on the eyes.

A few key statement pieces in bold colours give the room a contemporary feel – I love this pink candle holder and those whimsical colourful jars. Fresh flowers or herbs are another way to lift a kitchen by making it feel lived in and inviting.

The vinyl floor gives the room an edgy, industrial feel, while also providing an extremely practical, hard-wearing surface.

Top kitchen tips:

1 Go bright, but don’t overdo it. Limit your colour to just one wall, or a couple of half walls. This will keep the room looking fresh, without becoming too overpowering.

2 Play it safe with your main fixtures and opt for clean lines and a neutral palette. Should you want to refresh your kitchen at a later date, it’s a lot easier to simply change the colours of your walls.

3 If you have a dining table positioned in the middle of the room, go for a circular shape. It’ll take up less space, and provide easier access and movement.

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