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Creating a stylish kitchen

Clean, smart and functional are modern watchwords, but keeping the kitchen clear of clutter is never easy. However, this is one room where you can experiment with colours and accessories to create a unique cooking environment.

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When designing, I always like to stick with a bold set of colours that light up the room – and the kitchen is no different.

The key is to keep it simple, but filled with interesting pieces that act as great conversation starters at dinner parties.

Right now, the world is all about cooking – and it’s amazing the number of recipe books we accumulate. Show them off on wall-mounted shelves or on a book stand.

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If you don’t have an area fit for a shelving unit, a colourful trunk is another storage option.

Tea towels can be more than just practical, functional items. If you find one you love, frame and hang it like a piece of art.

Why not cover a wall with blackboard paint? This is a cool feature – great for kids to draw on, for writing notes to yourself, or for unleashing your creativity with chalk.

Find it: Country Theme- Flying Saucers- Kikki-K Macy home- Texan Art schools- The warehouse-

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