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Christmas decorating ideas

Christmas decorating ideas

The smart way of keeping the whole family happy at Christmas lunch is to go with a typical red and white theme when it comes to your decorating. Rustic styles are popular this season and can be tied in with this colour scheme.

Light linens, old-fashioned wooden decorations and gifts wrapped up in brown paper and red ribbon look stunning in this setting – particularly when they’re paired with a real tree.

But for less hassle and mess, opt for a faux tree, which can be brought out year after year.

I love to let the kids go crazy when covering it. The more you pile on, the better it looks… well, in a child’s mind anyway! It’s all in good fun – after all, the day is all about them.

Let your little ones add all the handmade decorations they’ve crafted at school, or whip up some new ones together at home as a family.

Don’t be limited to just your tree: think beyond, to entire areas of your home you can make festive. These days it’s possible to buy themed items in everything from rugs and table runners, to cake stands and toilet paper!

The beauty of using red and white is you can slowly build up a collection of goodies by buying a couple of new items every year. Nothing truly says “Happy Christmas” like this merry combination.

Bird Print Glass Balls 4 Pack $9 from The Warehouse, Terrace Solar Lantern in White $19.99 from Farmers, ceramic Santa $24.90 (small) $34.90 (large) from Chambers, Traditional Glass Range Decorations $7.99 to $9.99 each from Farmers, Clear Glass Balls with Glitter 6 Pack $10 from The Warehouse, 7ft (2m) Luxury Tree $150 from The Warehouse, Bunting Banner 3.6m $8 from The Warehouse, red pineapples pillarholder $42 from Redcurrent, Chef Santa $129 from Annie Boyd, toilet paper $13.99 from Annie Boyd, wool stag cushion red $121.50 from Allium, The Aromatherapy Co Juniper Berry & White Thyme candle $29.99 from farmers, Candle Holder (plus candle) $10 from The Warehouse, xmas tree candle holder $29.90 from Chambers,

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