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Change of Scenery

It might be cooler now and the days are certainly shorter, but there’s still time to ring in some cheery additions around your home. Use these long evenings to plan and the weekends to implement your ideas. Keep colour at the forefront – make everything as light and bright as possible and have some fun while you’re at it. No-one ever said decorating should be serious!


Op shops can still be the source of fabulous vintage finds, but you need to visit them on a regular basis as their stock turns over so fast. Here, a collection of framed flower prints from the 1950s and 60s has been grouped together for a pleasing effect. If you can’t find genuine old prints, try framing  oral wrapping papers or even illustrations from old art books.

Floral Paintings displayed over sideboard


I really like this shop -like styling with books grouped together according to colour, and bright accessories scattered throughout. If you’re short on shades you like, use test pots to repaint existing vases and bowls, then top with a layer of polyurethane.

Shelf unit in modern living room


Bring your family’s rogues gallery up-to-date with inexpensive photo frames from a local chain store, then add some quirky touches such as the guitar this homeowner keeps stored on a wall. If space is at a premium where you live, this kind of approach can be practical as well as pretty!


Most photographic stores and many online companies offer surprisingly inexpensive options when it comes to committing favourite photos onto canvas. Find a shot that sings of lazy, crazy, hazy summer days gone by and hang it somewhere prominent as a vivid reminder throughout the winter months.

Country style hall - Reminders of Summer


Brighten a small dining space with an oilcloth on the table. You can buy this fabric by the metre at major craft stores and it comes in very bright – sometimes almost garish – designs, so your choice will depend completely on how daring you are when decorating! It’s a great material for families with small children since it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


Maps are one of the hottest themes in contemporary decorating. Wallpaper stores have large murals available and many gift shops have globes in different shapes and sizes. Alternatively,
have a hunt around your local charity store for old National Geographic magazines with their pull-out maps. Not only are they fascinating, they’re great for crafts.

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