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Ways to upgrade your workout

JOGGING: Incorporating five or six 30-second sprints into your routine can help boost heart health, says John Brewer, professor of sport at the University of Bedfordshire. “Research has shown short bursts of very intense exercise boost fitness, blood-sugar control and heart health much more quickly than jogging at one pace,” he says.

SIT-UPS: Straightening legs while doing sit-ups, instead of keeping them bent, will help tone stomach muscles. Celebrity personal trainer Tracy Anderson says a straight-leg crunch is a much more effective move in order to achieve a flat stomach. Straight legs provide less leverage, meaning the muscles have to work harder to pull the body up.

Lie on your back with your legs straight out in front of you and hands behind your head. Keeping legs almost together, toes pointed, lift your head and shoulders, contracting the abdominal muscles. Then relax back to the floor. Make sure your legs remain on the floor and your movement is smooth.

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