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Tiny tweaks: burger buns

Eat a burger in a white bun. Beef burgers are a good source of zinc, an antioxidant useful for healing wounds and also reproductive health. But while a granary bap provides a small amount of fibre, whole grains are thought to affect zinc absorption, and so on balance it’s better to go for a white bun. This will let you get your recommended daily allowance of zinc –15mg – from a large burger.

One Response to “Tiny tweaks: burger buns”

  1. Rationality Jan 12 2013, 12:45pm

    This “article” is flawed beyond belief. The ignorant will hearteningly take this “advice” as an opportunity to justify eating white bread over wholegrain bread for health benefits.

    How often do people eat beef burgers? Once a week? Once a month? Such an infrequent meal makes the fact that wholegrains may impair zinc absorption an irrelevance! Other foods such as pork, lamb, beans, peas, peanuts and wholegrain cereals (yes, that’s right!) are also high sources of zinc. If you’re not getting it in the beef, you’re likely to be getting it from these other sources.

    Eating wholegrain bread will always be more beneficial than swapping it for white bread when eating beef, regardless of whatever small amount of zinc you lose. Wholegrains have many more nutritional benefits than just fibre.

    Obviously, if you eat beef burgers for every meal of the day, every day, then changing to white bread *may* bring a difference to your zinc absorption. However, someone on such a poor diet, at that point, is unlikely to gain ANY benefits from a slight increase in bioavailability of one trace element.


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