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A fusion of Kiwi and Asian cultures gave Wellington designer Bayley LuuTomes an edge at the Gardening World Cup, held in Nagasaki last month.

Bayley won a silver medal for his garden, Glass Bottle Sanctuary, pictured here. A curved wall of coloured glass bottles formed a koru, with a simple hidden sanctuary on the inside and compact colour planting on the outside. “This represents the busy, modern western lifestyle compared with a simple and harmonious traditional eastern style of living,” he explained.

Bayley’s award-winning glass garden creation.

“I believe in upcycling and wanted to take a throwaway item and show you can create something amazing with it.” At night, the glass bottles transformed the sanctuary into an illuminated garden sculpture. Bayley also took on a French designer in a speed gardening challenge, where they used leftover materials to construct a garden in 20 minutes.

Bayley’s talents will be on show at next year’s Ellerslie Flower Show in Christchurch from February 26 to March 2, where he will design and construct a children’s charity garden to raise awareness of children living with arthritis.

Lee Ann Bramwell

About Lee Ann Bramwell

Lee Ann wasn’t always a gardener - she lead what she terms ‘a normal life’ as a newspaper journalist and then television producer in Dunedin until the nineties, when she started moving north. Working on various lifestyle magazines in Auckland, Lee Ann eventually published her own garden design magazine, Alfresco, for 10 years.

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