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Knitting – Breeze blockers

A handmade draft excluder, with cute pompoms, is pretty and practical – especially in winter. Make one for the kids’ room to keep things cosy and colourful.

Size Approx 80cm long and 24cm in diameter.


• Cotton light worsted (DK) yarn, such as Debbie Bliss Cotton DK
• 2 x 50g balls – approx 168m – each of white (A), navy (B), red (C), green (D)
• Needle size: 4mm
• Yarn sewing needle
• Toy stuffing

• Alpaca and merino wool-mix worsted (Aran) yarn, such as Rooster Almerino Aran
• 3 x 50g balls – approx 282m – of red (E)
• Piece of cardboard

20 sts and 28 rows over 10cm square using stocking stitch. Change needle size if necessary to achieve the required tension.

Cast on 48 sts in A.
Work 4 rows in st st.
*Change to B.
Work 4 rows in st st.
Change to C.
Work 4 rows in st st.
Change to D.
Work 4 rows in st st.
Change to A.
Work 4 rows in st st.

Rep this sequence from * until work measures approx 80cm, ending with the last row of a four-row rep (approx 224 rows). Cast off.

1 With RS tog, sew seam along length. Gather one end together with a running stitch and pull tightly. Secure ends tightly.

2 Turn right-side out and stuff. Secure other end with a gather as before.

3 Make two large pompoms. Cut two cardboard circles the size of your desired pompom. Cut 2cm hole in centre. Put circles together, winding yarn evenly around card through hole until it’s full. Trim yarn. Slide scissors between bits of card. Cut around edge of circle. Pass a piece of yarn between card pieces and tie firmly. Remove card. Fluff up and trim. Sew securely to each end of draft excluder.

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