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Craft: Letters of love

Dresden gold foil letters are a classic crafting embellishment. String them on shiny metallic gold thread and spell a special message.

Plan out the letters needed in advance, and order them from an online source, such as eBay.

Use square foam blocks to support your banner while you’re working on it. Then, place the banner on top of a cake.


  • 2 wood skewers
  • Two 5cm-cubed foam blocks
  • Scissors
  • Metallic gold thread
  • Dresden gold foil paper letters
  • Liquid glue

1.Pierce each skewer into a foam block. Space the blocks at the distance you intend to hang your banner on a cake. Using the scissors, cut a length of metallic thread for the strand of letters, allowing extra thread for tying the ends. Lay the thread on your work surface.

2.Arrange the letters on the thread to spell your message, and check for spacing to make the words readable. Turn the letters right-side down and apply a minuscule drop of glue to the backs of the letters towards the top.

3.Place the thread in the glue.

4.The glue will dry clear, and if you don’t use too much, you won’t even see it on the back of the banner. Allow to dry for about an hour.

5.Tie the ends of each strand to the skewers, being careful to keep the letters from hanging too low. Secure each knot with a tiny drop of liquid glue. Place the skewers in your cake!

From SWEET PAPER CRAFTS by Mollie Greene, photos by J Aaron Greene (Chronicle Books $34.99). Available at

Issue 1541

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