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Dreaming of renovating house

Dreaming of renovating house

Dear Janet Louise,
My husband and I have been together 32 years and have had a few houses together. In my dream we had just purchased a run-down house to do up with our son and daughter-in-law. We were part way through the renovations when my husband keeled over and died. I felt very alone and vulnerable, and unable to continue with the work. Please help me understand this dream.

Jean, via email

Dear Jean,
Your dream is asking you to look at what you are not addressing with him in your waking life. Are there qualities missing in your relationship? Old attitudes that need re-vamping? The other side to your dream symbolises greatness. You have gone through much adversity and are now looking at life with brightness. Rejoice in the fact you have triumphed.

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In her weekly column, Janet endeavours to offer insights into our subconscious, as well as provide some guidance and advice for those seeking spiritual guidance. She believes we are forever seeking clarity and understanding, and that often our dreams enable us to see more clearly the options that are presented to us. In her column she clarifies those options and offer direction.

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