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Dreaming of puppies

Dreaming of puppies

Dear Janet Louise,
I recently had a dream about a litter of six black puppies. They were all sitting in a row and there was a bigger black dog there (probably the mother). It was facing the litter and it looked like it was instructing them. None of the dogs looked angry, and in fact the puppies were wagging their tails. I have been wondering what it could mean and tried searching on the internet and then came across your page. Please help.

Surbhii, by email

Dear Surbhii,
How lovely. This dream represents a very loving state of emotional and domestic bliss. You are a beautiful soul who others can depend on. You have strong desires for peace, love, tranquility and harmony and it seems you have these things! Being in tune and balanced on a spiritual level through mind, body and soul is very important and comes naturally to you. There is so much potential and many possibilities around you, so take the time to allow ideas and projects to develop as this will always keep you on the path to great success. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

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In her weekly column, Janet endeavours to offer insights into our subconscious, as well as provide some guidance and advice for those seeking spiritual guidance. She believes we are forever seeking clarity and understanding, and that often our dreams enable us to see more clearly the options that are presented to us. In her column she clarifies those options and offer direction.

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