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Dreaming of mice

Dreaming of mice

Dear Janet Louise,
I had a dream last night that mice were scurrying around the kitchen and running into every little hole or crack that they could get into. I was terrified of them. What does this mean?

Yvonne, by email

Dear Yvonne,
Unfortunately mice do get a bad rap! The overall message here is that someone is nibbling away at you and trying to sabotage your confidence. This is resulting in fear and anxiety, and in you doubting yourself. Confront these emotions, trust in yourself and take control. Stop spending too much time dwelling on minor issues and get on with succeeding in all of your projects. Spend a little time nurturing yourself with love and healing because just around the corner awaits a new and very exciting chapter for you!

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About Janet Louise

In her weekly column, Janet endeavours to offer insights into our subconscious, as well as provide some guidance and advice for those seeking spiritual guidance. She believes we are forever seeking clarity and understanding, and that often our dreams enable us to see more clearly the options that are presented to us. In her column she clarifies those options and offer direction.

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