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Dreaming of horses and unicorns

Dreaming of horses and unicorns

Dear Janet Louise,
My eldest daughter and I were following my younger daughter in our cars. My younger daughter drove into a paddock and got her car stuck. We went into the paddock and there were two horses, one black and one white. When we looked closer, they were unicorns. What does this mean?

Tina, by email

Dear Tina,
Your dream suggests life is passing you by. Low self-esteem and lack of direction are hindering your journey. No more cruising – you have so much potential. It’s time to start your pathway of growth. To see unicorns is a beautiful message. They represent purity. Release the old, regain your power and look deeply at your current situation with reality and love. Your subconscious is giving you a nudge to gain a better understanding of yourself. Purify, cleanse and awaken your inner passion. It’s time to have a new outlook on life.

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About Janet Louise

In her weekly column, Janet endeavours to offer insights into our subconscious, as well as provide some guidance and advice for those seeking spiritual guidance. She believes we are forever seeking clarity and understanding, and that often our dreams enable us to see more clearly the options that are presented to us. In her column she clarifies those options and offer direction.

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