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Dreaming of a talking horse

Dreaming of a talking horse

Dear Janet Louise,
I had the most peculiar dream the other night. I dreamt a dark-coloured horse came through my window and spoke to me. He said I must stop eating meat! He nudged me, neighed, then galloped away. What is this about?

Meat Lover, by email

Dear Meat Lover,
It may sound odd, but your subconscious is really asking you to take a good, hard look at yourself and the way you portray yourself to the outside world. There seems to be a lack of depth to how you are living your life. There is also a deeper sense of urgency for you to do some serious soul searching here. A talking horse represents the need for you to listen to your intuition, and to become aware of higher knowledge and messages through dreaming. Take a look at what changes you can make to live a more fulfilling, disciplined and structured life.

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About Janet Louise

In her weekly column, Janet endeavours to offer insights into our subconscious, as well as provide some guidance and advice for those seeking spiritual guidance. She believes we are forever seeking clarity and understanding, and that often our dreams enable us to see more clearly the options that are presented to us. In her column she clarifies those options and offer direction.

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