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Tell us your baby brain story to win a Brave movie prize pack

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Baby Brain

Mums have always joked about having “baby brain” and some studies confirm that it’s no illusion. Up to 80% of women find that their brains are not functioning at full capacity during pregnancy and the first year of baby’s life.

It’s believed that it’s a combination of hormones and sleep deprivation that causes the memory loss and changes to the way the brain thinks during pregnancy and new motherhood. New research suggests this is to help mothers focus on their baby’s needs.

Have you got or did you ever suffer from “baby brain”?

Share with us your baby brain story below and be in to win a Brave movie prize pack that includes:

– Two tickets to see Brave

– A Brave movie key ring

– A Brave cap

– A Brave puzzle

We will send an email to the winner on Friday 22 June and announce the winner on this page.

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41 Responses to “Tell us your baby brain story to win a Brave movie prize pack”

  1. Rosebud Jun 26 2012, 8:39pm

    Baby Brain – loading the supermarket shopping into the car and realising sore legs were due to two DIFFERENT shoes being worn….

  2. Haydonz Jun 26 2012, 12:56pm

    Finally got to have a shower, hopped in with my glasses on, found this out as the water was running & I didn’t have any wipers! And started to brush my teeth with the shampoo. I think at that point I realised it was time to go back to bed.

  3. mdcourtney Jun 23 2012, 6:05pm

    During my pregnancy I was told alot about baby brain mums forgetting things, after having my son I soon realised that I was no different I had walked out of the house with my son i his pram and had everything ready the thing I forgot was my keys which I didn’t remeber till coming halfway home and realising I had forgot them. Thankfully my keys were by the window I could get into and get in to unlock the door and let myself back into my house. I know have another child and now double check that I have everything before leaving.

  4. Thistle Jun 22 2012, 12:30pm

    Well I can really relate to all of these stories, but the silliest baby brain thing I have done is when Baby was finally asleep I decided I would get the lawns done, try and tidy up the place. Half way through them the blades got tangled so without thinking I took the catcher off and stuck my hand under to clear it… luckily I only lost the ends of my fingers. Blood everywhere and alot of pain but they eventually healed ok. Still can tbelieve I did it! Could have been so much worse!

  5. bonnie3 Jun 22 2012, 11:08am

    hahah just the usual ones, disposible nappies in the washing machine EW! bottles in the freezer or dishwasher ops and total vacantness LOL

  6. anna Jun 21 2012, 10:49pm

    I remember going to the supermarket with my husband and new baby after leaving hospital and thinking there was something different and important I must remember and realising it was the baby!! It was all so new and I wasn’t used to having someone extra around!

  7. Dotmail Jun 21 2012, 4:27pm

    My husband had a “baby brain” when he bought a trolley load of Huggy nappies on special. Except he bought the boy ones instead of the girl ones and had to take them all back and swap. Very embarrassing!

  8. mizim Jun 21 2012, 2:31pm

    I finally had my daughter home and out of SCBU when I had my older two children returned home from being babysat for about a week, so needless to say I was very busy and very very tired.
    All within the same day I
    — left the wallet on the car roof (luckily it was still there when we got to the petrol station 10mins later)
    — strapped the nappy bag, instead of my daughter into the pram
    — walked past the clinic where her appointment was, twice, ending up in the opposite part of the hospital
    — when leaving the hospital gave my husband our library card instead of the parking ticket
    — threw out my daughters plate (but luckily remembered 5 minutes later and fished it out)

  9. ritesh520351 Jun 21 2012, 1:40pm

    A friend’s friend had the ‘baby brain’ during her pregnacy/after delivery period. Sleep deprivation, nausea and lack of motivation all coupled to the situation. She had a very bad tendcy of leaving things where no one could imagine to find them. It really affected her confidence level as well! Once she forgot where she had left her car keys. They searched high and low and couldn’t find them anywhere! It was almost a fortnight later, they managed to find it together with the nappies. Luckily she has grown out of the “baby brain’ syndrome!

  10. blacka Jun 21 2012, 1:21pm

    Decided to do some baking and wondered why my banana loaf was looking rather flat, racked my brains and couldn’t think what had gone wrong until the next day I had remembered I had put cornflour in instead of baking powder!! Needless to say it still tasted good.

  11. samstills Jun 21 2012, 11:38am

    I had just got back from the shop with the milk (thought we had run out!) and turned on the oven to cook dinner…….about 15 mins later I went back into the kitchen and noticed a big white puddle coming from the oven area…..I had put the almost full milk bottle in the oven and it had melted!!! Talk about a mess!!

  12. bijou Jun 21 2012, 7:54am

    One morning when I was rushing out the door with my toddler and newborn I got really frustrated as I couldn’t get the front door to lock. After a lot of muttering (and probably one or two naughty words) I realised it was never going to happen since I was trying to lock it with the car remote instead of actually putting the key in the lock.

  13. m.j.collins Jun 20 2012, 10:02pm

    When heavily pregnant with my second child, I took my daughter to McDonalds. Got to the counter and was trying to order a meal for her, but couldn’t remember at all what it was called. After desperately scanning the menu I finally found it. Yes, I had forgotten that what my daughter wanted was a ‘Happy Meal’!

  14. gscas Jun 20 2012, 5:47pm

    When I worked in a supermarket I use to use a little hand held device to order stock. One day I was using this trying to order and restock the battery shelf, this device kept telling me “flat battery”, lol I thought it was telling me all the batteries on the shelf were flat, it took my boss to explain to me that it was actually the ordering device that had a flat batttery and the batteries on the shelf were fine!!
    Also another time I made a bacon and egg pie, popped the pie in the oven, started cleaning up and lol the eggs were still sitting in the carton on the bench!! I

  15. Marley Jun 20 2012, 2:19pm

    Putting things in the fridge!!! That shouldn’t be in there!! Sugar yesterday argh!!!

  16. miss_delia Jun 20 2012, 1:33pm

    This is my sister’s story really, so will pass this prize on for her grandkids if I win it.
    Her first born was 18 months when her second baby was born. Just back from the hospital for a few days, she raced out to the dairy for some milk and bread. Tthe local friendly dairy owner said hi to her little Matthew, and asked where her lovely daughter was today? – Yikes, ….. she had, left her on the bed at home after quickly changing her, and raced out the door forgetting completely to take her. Luckily a newborn can’t roll. Baby was still in the same spot asleep. Scary stuff!!

  17. annettehynes Jun 20 2012, 1:11pm

    My partner is a volunteer firefighter and during my pregnancy with our now 5 year old son, I managed to put his fire pager into the fridge alongside the butter! He only managed to find it when the pager was going off for a call and he followed the sound to the fridge!!!

  18. pohutukawa Jun 20 2012, 10:43am

    Baby brain never leaves you once you have a baby.

    • sarahrowen Jun 20 2012, 12:25pm

      Having a baby brian during or after pregnacy is common and sometimes very funny. I remember once I took my little one to play group and while the babies were playing, the mothers were busy gossiping about their hectic life. It so happened that I received a call from my mother to come home for something and in a hurry, I picked up my child and rushed out the door. Then I heard my name being called and turning around, I saw one the the mothers running behind me saying ‘You’ve got my baby!” Luckily I didnt take the baby home before realizing I had the wrong bubba on me!

  19. firehorse2012 Jun 19 2012, 10:17pm

    hi my daughter is now 14 months old but when she was about 2 months old she was very spilly and didnt really really sleep and after 2 months i was a major wreck as i am the single mum of 2 kids so i was making roast chicken bella was playing on the kitchen floor and i was cutting the veggies and as i was about to put the chicken with the veggies in the roasting dish i noticed that bella need changing so i got organized to change her but being soooooooo sleepy and baby brained i put bella in the roasting dish (but not in the oven thank god lol) and the nappy and rash cream on the uncooked chicken lol

  20. blynda Jun 19 2012, 9:34pm

    My most horrid baby brain moment was when i was 6 months pregnant with my second child and working as a Customer Services manager/Account manager. I was preparing myself carefully in the morning making sure I had on a beautiful ironed suit, makeup was perfect, hair perfect as i was meeting one of our biggest clients at work to handover the account before I went on maternity leave. Everything was going to plan and I gave myself a once over glance before heading to work. I arrived at work with 20 minutes spare so got straight into doing emails before any else arrived at work. As soon as CEO approached me to stay the client was here I followed behind the CEO and introduced him and my new colleque to the client. The first thing my client said was “NICE SLIPPERS” I died of mortification when i looked down and i was still wearing my fluffy purple slippers.

  21. Andypandy Jun 19 2012, 7:03pm

    Oh and there was the time during the last 3 months of my pregnancy that I was balancing on a chair cleaning my bedroom walls and I fell scraping my stomach on the way down with the door handle. Well what a shocking bruise and a complete shock.! My baby was fine, well protected but please go easy on the cleaning before your baby and remember your balance isn’t half as good as it normally is!

  22. Layla2904 Jun 19 2012, 4:31pm

    My story is a bit embarrasing actually- I was stocking up on chocolate and other bits of food in the shop the when i was pregnant about 2 years ago now and as i got to the checkout i put my card in to the eftpost machine and completley forgot my pin number . I was so dunb founded i just stood there thinking with all these other people waiting behind me. I was sooo embarrased i had to ring my mum and ask her what it was. I then had explain to the lady at the checkout all about my baby brain as i think she thought i was being a fraudster it or something. I was really embarrased lol.
    I also used to put things in the fridge that din’t belong in there like the TV remote control. XXX LOL.

  23. julianne Jun 19 2012, 12:06pm

    I had big time baby brain. The most memorable was I used to go for a walk in the morning with the coffee group with all our baby’s in the prams. Back at the car park we all had a bit of a chat about how much sleep we weren’t getting. I popped the baby in the car and drove off. It wasn’t until the next day I realised I had left the pram in the car park! I felt so stupid and thankful that I had at least remembered to put the baby in car.

  24. madvix Jun 19 2012, 9:10am

    I have no baby, but do have baby brain, maybe there should be a different name for mine lol

  25. kelly Jun 19 2012, 7:31am

    While I was pregnant with my first son I was at a work function with my husbad. When I went to introduce him to my boss – I couldnt remember her name! Major ‘ baby brain’!

  26. deville Jun 18 2012, 10:14pm

    My baby brain had me cooking and putting the dirty pots and pans into the fridge or freezer which caused many puzzled looks from hubby when he went into the fridge only to find a pot with dried food in it. Another incident had me lock myself and the baby out of the house and just standing on the porch thinking oh well the door will unlock soon! doh had to ring hubby to come home and rescue me.

  27. Andypandy Jun 18 2012, 9:09pm

    There was a time when my son was born that we went on a picnic at Christmas Beach. We would take our Border Collie and let her swim there. Only this time we went home and left her behind at the beach. Lucky the beach is only 5 minutes from home and she just sat on the pavement looking slightly bewildered.

  28. cataren Jun 18 2012, 9:02pm

    I am 28 Week pregnant and complete mess as far as baby brain goes….I keep making really silly mistakes at work and home, eg. misplacing things and then finding them in the weirdest places like carkeys in the pantry…..oh my gosh, hope I get my brain function back after bubs comes along:-)

  29. kr2 Jun 18 2012, 8:49pm

    Sadly, my story is from last night! My baby-brain is so bad, thinking back further is just too hard. Hubby’s been getting up early to watch EURO2012 so has been going to bed early. He’s like an angry bear if woken so last night, I very considerately pulled the bedroom door nearly closed so when I checked kids and got myself ready in bathroom, the light wouldn’t disturb him. Feeling pleased with my good-wife-ness, I turned lights off, then (because it was so cold) sprinted down the hall to our room. Unfortunately, I forgot I’d pulled the door shut, so bashed into it, BOOM, it bashed into wall BOOM. Hubby sits up in bed and goes “ARE YOU *&** TAKING THE P*&S!!” I couldn’t stop laughing. That may not have helped.

  30. Jun 18 2012, 7:54pm

    My daughter must have been about a week old and I was staying at the hospital while she was in the newborn unit. Feeling utterly exhausted I decided to take a nice long shower, I gathered up my toiletries, clothes, flannel etc, the walk from my room to the shower block seemed to take forever – After washing my hair and shaving my legs I was feeling a million times better after a nice long hot shower. I went to jump out, and then realised I had forgot one important thing, a towel!!!!!

  31. leelee1994 Jun 18 2012, 7:00pm

    I was about 4 months pregnant when this started and it has not stopped. I stopped remembering the names for common items e.g. table, chair, door etc. I started coming up with new names for them and my workmates learnt them as it frustrated me not being able to remember the real names and they did not want to anger the pregnant lady! I had thingmabob, whosewhatsit, whachamacallit, and that thing over there. I still have trouble remembering and most occasions start with “It’s on the … thing … umm …. (big long pregnant pause) the table – its the table.” I am hoping that the situation will reverse when I’m pregnant again.

  32. alif Jun 18 2012, 6:18pm

    When my son was about 8 weeks old (and had never slept longer than 2 hours) I took him into work to see my collegues. Parking in the car park building, I returned to the car, placed baby in car (thankfully) and drove off. A couple hours later realised I’d left baby stroller, handbag, bottles and toys etc behind (prob next to car when put him in). the carpark camera wasn’t working and stroller had been stolen. I then rang the police station, who after first checking I had my baby with me, then advised they’d had 10, yes 10, strollers handed in THAT DAY. I had to describe it, and unfortunately mine wasn’t handed in and I never got it back. Did make me wonder how many “baby brain” mums, like me, misplaced a rather large item like their strollers all over the city! Had many baby brained moments (including locking myself out of the house with my baby in it whilst hanging out washing, forgetting appointments and sometimes my own name through sheer tiredness) but that absolutely topped it.

  33. jewellnz Jun 18 2012, 4:02pm

    well way past the baby stuff, but wanted to enter for a friends friend, who i met for the first time yesterday, she was busy heating baby’s bottle in the microwave and of course was chatting to us, yep you guessed it got over heated, then when my friend came through she said oh man i just heated the bottle for a day, well we all laughed , yes we could all imagine the explosion and the mess if that were really the case, then she commented oh dear baby brain,so yes i think this was indeed a good example of it.

  34. kim_blee Jun 18 2012, 3:40pm

    Worst baby brain thing I ever did, was when my youngest was 8 weeks old. I was still recovering from a c-section, when I was rushed into hospital with appendicitis. I probably shouldn’t have been driving a week after getting them removed, but was in a huge rush to get sunscreen as it was my 3 yr olds birthday. I rushed into the shop to look for it, only to be followed by my mother 5 minutes later as I had forgotten I had brought the baby with me and had locked him in the car, in the direct sun. I felt so awful, that I was so careless, but thankfully no harm was done and a good lesson was learned.

  35. magnet0 Jun 18 2012, 3:29pm

    I remember one day, my husband coming home and finding a block of cheese in the washing machine and my bra in the fridge! Thank goodness he noticed the cheese before we ran the washing machine (hehehe)

  36. 2mums Jun 18 2012, 2:33pm

    I have 2 sons. I put them both in the car and drove to my older sons daycare, to pick him up. They looked so confused when I arrived asking where he was – they could clearly see him in the car!

  37. jodymullin Jun 18 2012, 1:51pm

    It seems my baby brain is here to stay – even simple questions are beyond me! I was asked my age and replied 18…..I’m nearly 32! Maybe a bit of wishful thinking as well :)

  38. nikstar Jun 18 2012, 1:39pm

    Three times in the past month I’ve been down getting groceries when a bad case of baby brain has set in. All for the same thing. Ive got to the check out and gone to get my wallet and panicked. The first time apologised to the check out operator and when back around the whole shop looking for where I dropped it. The second time I went to the car to see if I had left it there and the third time the lovely check out person found it for me. All three times I had been tucked under my arm so I didnt forget where it was. The check out people on the first and second time could have just told me it was under my arm! Gosh I felt like an idiot. Since the third time I’ve putting my wallet in a different place. DOH

  39. nikky Jun 18 2012, 1:16pm

    I had a ‘baby brain’ during my first pregnancy and in the 3rd month when I used to forget things quite a bit. Once I had to drop something off at my friends place and ended up at the supermarket, realizing minutes later where my actual destination was! I also used to double, triple check things like if I had turned the switch off to various appliances which used to drive me crazy because my brain wouldnt work.

  40. Andypandy Jun 18 2012, 12:41pm

    My baby brain was most evident in the first year of my first born. I think I must of taken my daughter to our local GP on about 20 occasions in her first year. The majority of these visits could of been avoided had my brain been at full capacity and I had the confidence and time to assess the situation. My daughter is now a healthy teenager.


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