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Book Club Conversation: A Week in Winter

Book Club Conversation: A Week in Winter, book review, When the world lost the magnificent Maeve Binchy after a short illness in July, a wave of grief washed over readers everywhere. Her many fans – and even her critics, who once wrote off the Irish author as lightweight and irrelevant – were unanimous in their praise for Maeve and upset at her passing at the age of 72.

Thankfully for the thousands of people who devour Maeve Binchy novels the moment they can get their hands on them, she had finished one last minor masterpiece – her 16th – before her death. As with most of Maeve’s novels, A Week in Winter is Irish through and through.

Perched high on the cliffs above the west coast of the Emerald Isle is Stone House. Once home to the three Sheedy sisters, the grand old mansion has fallen into disrepair. Then along comes Chicky Ryan, a Stonebridge local who’s recently returned to her home town after years spent living in New York. She sets to work repairing Stone House – and her life.

A Week in Winter is an entertaining tale populated by likeable characters – a worthy addition to the collection of beautiful stories that make up Maeve’s literary legacy.

Review by Claire Rorke

A Week in Winter

Maeve Binchy



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