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Work colleague’s charity case

Dear Wendyl,
I work in an office with a lot of nice people, including my colleague who sits next to me. She is really
nice, but lately has become obsessed with a charity she works for – which would be fine except she talks about it all day, does far too much work for it during work hours and now she has started pressuring me to help out with fundraising drives and the like. How do I tell her that I have a life and I’m not interested?

Charity Bore, via email

Dear Charity Bore,
To be honest, I think you’re being a bit little too harsh on your colleague. Being a charitable person is not to be sniffed at when your realise she is working so hard to help others. But I think she is in a somewhat euphoric state where the self-placed halo on her head is encouraging her to spread the love and you are quite handy for that as you sit next to her. I’m sure you support charities and can simply say to her ,“I already give,” or something like that. When she starts talking about it again just change the subject and move on. She’ll soon realise you aren’t interested and stop.

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Issue 1541

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