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When you think your friend’s husband is having an affair

Dear Wendyl,
My best friend’s husband recently sent me a text late at night which read, “Hey sexy I’m ready for you now.” I didn’t know what to do so left it, but then the next day thought the better of it and replied saying I think he made a mistake. A text came back saying it was meant for my friend and he must have got the names confused. When I saw my friend, I told her about it and teased her saying, “What were the two of you up to?” She just gave me a blank look and asked me what night it happened and then looked really odd. I think he might be having an affair, but she’s said nothing more about it. What should I do?

Confused Best Friend, by email

Dear Confused Best Friend,
You should do nothing because it is none of your business! I think it’s important in situations like this not to leap to any conclusions based on the fact that someone looks odd. She may have just had trouble remembering their night of passion or was embarrassed because she never got the message and missed the opportunity. Let it go, and if your friend needs to talk, be there to support her. If she never does, then you weren’t meant to get involved.

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