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When partner is left off wedding invitation

Dear Wendyl,
I was recently invited to a friend’s wedding, but my partner was left off the invitation. I realise that it’s expensive running a wedding these days, but I’ve been with my boyfriend for two years now, both the bride and groom know him, and I found it really insulting that they didn’t ask him. I am thinking of declining as I would rather stay home than go without him. What would you do?

Angela, by email

Dear Angela,
The choice is yours. You can decline the invitation and create ill feeling and a bit of a drama because you aren’t coming and they will feel they have insulted you. Or you can just get over it, go along and have a lovely time celebrating your friends’ wedding. It is indeed very expensive hosting a wedding these days, and I’m sure that there are others who have not been invited with partners, so I would just go with the flow and try to be more understanding.

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