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When boyfriend thinks you’re a control freak

Dear Wendyl,
I am one of those people who likes everything to be in its place and everyone to be on time. I am a little obsessive, I admit, and when I met my boyfriend he knew that. I haven’t changed, but he has started calling me a “control freak” and referring to me as Miss OCD. And he thinks it’s really funny to shift things around in the house just to see if I’ll notice. It’s really upsetting me, but I love him so much – how do I get him to go easy on me?

Philippa, by email

Dear Philippa,
Living with someone who is very particular can be tough if you are more casual and laid back. But as you say, your boyfriend knew you were like this, you haven’t suddenly started doing it, so he is being very unfair. I think he has probably hit on a comedy routine that gets a good reaction from his friends and is going with it to get some laughs. Point out to him how much it hurts you and how this makes you feel. Tell him it is who you are and ask how would he feel if you started making jokes about his habits. Once he sees he is hurting you, he’ll stop.

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