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Unable to pay back credit card bill

Dear Wendyl,
At Christmas I went a bit crazy and bought loads and loads of presents for my family and friends. 2012 was a very good year for me; I got a great new job, met the man of my dreams and I just felt like spoiling everyone. The problem is that now I’ve got my credit card bill and the minimum repayment is way too much. I felt sick when I saw it and there’s no way I can pay it. What should I do?

Big Spender, by email

Dear Big Spender,
It’s a lesson we all learn and most of us never do it again. If you don’t meet the minimum then you are going to be locked into crippling interest rates. Get yourself to your bank, explain what has happened and ask them for a short-term loan for the total amount. Repayments on that can be scaled down. Then give them your credit card and ask them to cut it up and dispose of it for you.

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One Response to “Unable to pay back credit card bill”

  1. dawnb Jan 17 2013, 6:30pm

    Soory but no sympathy here.How about cutting up the credit card?This ”problem” of people’s own making every year.For heavens sake people Christmas in like one’s weddding day,it is only for one day.If family and friends think and care so little if you do not spend big on presents then maybe it is time to get new friends and family!!!! I mean it if one is not religious then what does Christmas mean to you?To me it is just a big commerical con job and I can say this having worked in retail.
    Hey Big Spender how about a no-spending Christmas for 2013!!!!!

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