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Stopping neighbour’s cat from coming into house

Dear Wendyl,
I recently bought my dream house. It is everything I’ve ever wanted, except for the fact that I seem to have inherited a cat as well. My neighbours tell me that it is their cat, but the people who used to own my house liked it to visit and fed it. I hate cats, but that doesn’t stop it making itself at home on my couch and walking around my house like it owns it. How do I get it to stay away?

Vivian, Nelson

Dear Vivian,
It’s not the cat’s fault so please don’t blame it for doing what it has been doing for years. First of all, don’t ever feed it as that its number one reason to keep visiting. Then, use some cat deterrents – such as orange essential oil – around your house to discourage it from visiting. A wee squirt with a water gun is another good way to give it the message to go home. I think you’ll soon find that you have retrained it to stay away.

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