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Spending quality time with spouse

Hello Wendyl,
My wife and I started a business earlier this year and now we never see each other because we are so busy. She doesn’t seem to mind and loves being on the go, but I really miss our nights out together and the fun we used to have at weekends – and having conversations which aren’t always about work. How can I get her to slow down and come back to me?

David, Hamilton

Dear David,
I think it is so sweet that you have noticed what is happening. This is really common in relationships where both people are go-getters, which you obviously are. Book a holiday and surprise her with it, but make sure the business is in good handsso she doesn’t freak out. Take her away, ply her with good food and wine and watch her slowly relax. And when she winds down a little, remind her of what fun you two have
when it isn’t about work. This will be a nice wake-up call and when you get back you can plan one date night a week, some nice stuff at weekends and still have plenty of time for work.

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