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Single and loving it

Dear Wendyl,
A little while ago my relationship of 28 years ended. To be honest, I was never happy being married to my husband and it was a huge relief when he left me. I don’t have any fond memories of that time, except of course the fact that I now have two wonderful daughters. But they are the problem. They think that I should be looking for another man and that I will only be happy if I’m in a relationship. But I’m loving being single and having the freedom just to be me for the first time. Every week they try to get me out to the pub and suggest guys in town that might suit me. How do I tell them that it’s okay to be single and that I really prefer it that way?

Susan, by email

Dear Susan,
I think you need to step back and see that your daughters are just caring for you the best way they know how. So take it as a loving gesture rather than as something annoying. And tell them how much you love being single – be honest with them about how you felt during your marriage, and why being single is such a relief for you. Assure them that if and when you’re ready for a relationship you’ll let them know, but until then you’d rather go to the pub to enjoy spending time with them and catching up on their news, rather than scanning the bar for a man.

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