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Dear Wendyl,
My husband has very thoughtfully installed a sound system in our bedroom. It’s not something I particularly wanted, but he’s a music nut and so I thought it would be okay. Boy, was I wrong! Now we can’t be in the bedroom without some sort of music blaring out of the speakers. He’s even organised a “sexy mood” playlist with the likes of Barry White singing his heart out. My problem is that I just want my serene, quiet, lovely bedroom back. How do I get him to see that music does not need to be everywhere?

Celia, via email

Dear Celia,
Barry White, eh? Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe or I’m Gonna Love You a Just Little Bit More Baby? Either way, they are both great songs, but I know that music can be a problem in relationships when you both have different tastes. But this is more a matter of territory in my opinion. You have a right to demand that the one room in the house where you should feel at peace and relaxed is left that way. But he does share the room with you, so why don’t you reach a compromise? Ask if the music can be turned off when you want some quiet and tell him he’s most welcome to have it on when he’s in there alone. That way he will learn to respect your wishes, which he obviously hasn’t done a lot of, and you get your bedroom back.

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