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Memorialising a deceased friend’s Facebook page

Dear Wendyl,
A few weeks ago my best friend died of cancer. It has been an awful time for everyone, but now I am burdened with something. Before she died, she asked me to delete her Facebook account as I am much more IT literate than any of her family. Since then, however, there have been such lovely messages posted on there. I know that her friends and family would really miss it so I want to leave it there. I haven’t talked to her husband as I feel it is something he shouldn’t be burdened with, but I notice you have a Facebook page and wondered if you could give me some advice?

Melissa, by email

Dear Melissa,
Your letter really got me thinking. On the one hand it must be nice to have the page there as a remembrance, but what if someone was on their own page and your friend’s page popped up as a suggestion for a friend? That could be unsettling. What you can do though is contact Facebook and ask them to memorialise her page. This means they will set the privacy so only confirmed friends can see the profile or find it in a search. They will also remove contact information and status updates to prevent anyone from logging into it. Suggest this to her husband and I’m sure he’ll agree this is a good thing.

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