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Looking for Mr Right

Dear Wendyl,
I am in my early forties and have been single for the past four years. I really want to meet someone but I can’t be bothered with dating websites or anything like that because I think it’s desperate. I believe that somewhere out there is the man for me and I just have to be patient, but my friends keep sending me links to websites and one even went on and registered for me! Do you think I should be trying harder to find “the one”?

Sue, Tauranga

Dear Sue,
I do believe that when you are trying hard to find a partner you never find them and the minute you stop worrying they turn up on your doorstep. So I agree with you, but sitting at home with your head in a chick-lit novel waiting for him to appear with a bunch of roses is not the way to go. Be social, put yourself out there and if your friends “suggest” you should be at a party to meet a certain someone, then go. That’s not desperate or wrong, that’s just getting yourself out there so that Mr Right doesn’t have to peer under too many rocks to find you. And if you’re uncomfortable with dating websites, give them a miss.

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Issue 1541

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