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Long-distance love

Dear Wendyl,
I am a single, older woman who always enjoyed independence since my marriage split 12 years ago. I have worked hard and travelled a lot. It is my one joy, getting on that plane and heading off to a new land to have adventures. My last adventure included a romance with a man who is a lot younger than me. We agreed it was just a holiday fling, but since I got home we have been emailing and now he wants to come and see me. I want him to, but I’m worried what my kids will say as he is very different and then there’s the huge age gap of 22 years. What would you do?

Daisy, via email

Dear Daisy,
Are you kidding? I’d be telling him to come over as fast as possible and be overjoyed that I have found someone who wants to be with me, who makes me happy and brings some joy into my life. Tell your children exactly that and don’t give a toss what they think. I’m sure if one of your kids was in the same situation you would just be happy to see that they are happy and would not judge the situation.

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