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Letting a friend down

Dear Wendyl,
My best friend and I have been single girls on the prowl for several years. We got into a routine of hanging out together every weekend and sometimes seeing men, but always being very close. Recently I began a relationship with someone and now I have no desire to hang out at the pub, or with her, or do anything we did in our old life. I just want to stay in with my man and have a nice time. How do I break it to her?

Happy-at-Last, by email

Dear Happy-at-Last,
First up you might try not being too smug about it. I think most people reach a stage where nights out become tedious compared to a comfy stay at home. But this does leave your girlfriend out in the cold. I think you should ask her to your house for dinner or a movie-Chardonnay combo and see how that works. The important thing is that you keep seeing her, which I presume you want to do as she is a close friend. Explain you’ve had a change of heart and that you hope she’s okay with hanging out at your place. She’ll either accept your new man or find someone else to go out with.

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Issue 1541

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