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Les Misérables: The Motion Picture Soundtrack

Les MiserablesMuch has been made of how the cast of Les Misérables sung live on set to deliver authentic acting performances. The good news is that away from the big-screen drama the singing still stands up. Aside from the weaker singing performance from Russell Crowe, the songs are first class and deliver the emotion that takes you back to those epic movie moments. A great CD to enjoy singalongs in the car.

Rating: 5/5

One Response to “Les Misérables: The Motion Picture Soundtrack”

  1. ebeardsley Jan 31 2013, 11:27am

    I just saw Les Miserables last night with my mother, and I was blown away! The singing was just amazing, and as for the comment about the weaker singing performance from Russell Crowe, yes I guess his voice wasn’t fantastic but it was fine. I think all the actors were just incredible! To think they had to sing live, I think they did a wonderful job of it. The best movie I’ve seen for years, hands down! We loved it so much we are going to see it again next week.

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