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Kerre Woodham on starting over

The Boomtown Rats may not have liked Mondays, but I love a good Monday. It always feels like a new beginning, a fresh start. Every Monday, I believe that this is the week I will achieve all my goals and targets. This is the week that will see me at the gym for an hour a day. This is the week I will end my day with a silent meditation. The fact that by Wednesday all my good intentions have come to nought doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm for every new Monday – and new years are like the biggest, best Mondays of all.

I’m not terribly interested in New Year’s Eve itself. The Irishman and I tend to stick to ourselves. He’s not the most sociable, so by the time he’s done a week of Christmas merriment with company – and the added bonus of my birthday on December 27 – he’s ready for a night in by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around.

I always cook a roast turkey for dinner and we share that along with some lovely wine and spend a leisurely few hours talking over the events of the year and our plans for the next one. This year really does promise to be a cracker. This is the year that I’ve finally decided to cut down on the extra work and spend more time at home Nobody believes me.

In an article that appeared in the Weekly on January 1, 2001, there is a paragraph that reads, “In an industry where it’s hard to say no to people, she’s trying to cut down on commitments to strangers in favour of spending time at home with her family.”

For 12 years, I’ve been saying the same thing, but this year, I‘ve made my intentions known and weekends will be at home. I’m hoping this is the year to incorporate a regular exercise regime into my day-to-day life. I may have run five marathons, but my approach to exercise is not the healthiest.

You know what I mean – run like a maniac for five months of the year, clocking up hundreds of kilometres, doing who knows what damage to my joints and ligaments, then blobbing out on the couch, feeding my face and feeling like I’ve deserved it because I’ve run a marathon.

I want to host regular dinner parties – my Irishman’s a little concerned about that one. I think he feels his quiet safe haven is going to be taken over by hordes of people now I’ve given up the weekend work. I think I’ve persuaded him into one dinner a party a month. I’m investigating riding schools, something I promised myself I would do last year, but filling in for Paul Holmes on the radio on Saturday morning put paid to that.

My soon-to-be husband has promised we’ll find something we can do together – we’ve tried salsa dancing with limited success. Being a bossy britches, I find it hard to get my head around the fact that the man has to lead. I think the person with the better rhythm should be able to lead, but, in salsa dancing, the man leading is non-negotiable.

I intend to walk more. I won’t be so pushed for time so I want to be able to take life at a slower pace – literally and metaphorically. Good luck with your own goals, and I hope it’s a safe and happy new year for you too.

One Response to “Kerre Woodham on starting over”

  1. Lily Jan 16 2013, 12:24pm

    Life at a slower pace works well with me, the odd stroll, more salads.

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