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It’s a boy!

The Weekly has a busy, vibrant staff, who are often rushing around the office managing both their personal and professional lives to bring you our magazine each week.

We’ve decided to start a blog to keep you posted of what’s going on behind-the-scenes – whether it’s office news or one of our staff members is having an exciting adventure that we know you’d love to hear about.

Today we had a ‘cupcake reveal’. One of our graphic designers, Rachel, is pregnant and last week she had her 20-week scan to check the health of her baby and to find out the answer to the question every parent-to-be wants to know: boy or girl?

Staff writer Kelly (who happens to be our talented resident baker) decided to make the most of Rachel’s announcement.

It's a boy!, announcing the sex of a baby, baby cupcakes

Staff writer Kelly (left) with her cupcakes to announce Rachel's secret!

Rachel contacted her over the weekend to tell her the sex of the baby, and Kelly spent her Sunday night preparing cupcakes – with pink icing inside for a girl, and blue for a boy.

For morning tea we gathered around and on the count of three bit into the cupcakes to discover that Rachel is having a baby boy!

It's a boy!, announcing the sex of a baby, baby cupcakes

On the count of three the team bit into the cupcakes to discover it's a boy!

Congrats Rachel!

Do you have any baby boy name ideas for Rachel?

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One Response to “It’s a boy!”

  1. saraj Dec 19 2012, 10:39am

    No name ideas, but that is a simply awesome way of announcing the gender! Congratulations Rachel!

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