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Husband’s credit card hide and seek

Dear Wendyl,
Just before Christmas I was cleaning out some drawers in our bedroom and came across a credit card, which was cleverly hidden in one of my husband’s socks at the back. It was in his name, but from a different bank to the one we use and I’d never seen it before. Why would my husband keep a private credit card hidden in a sock? I’ve watched him like a hawk ever since to see if he ever digs around in that drawer. Do you think he’s having an affair? Or spending money I don’t know about? What should I do?

Distraught wife, Timaru

Dear Distraught Wife,
Back up the bus a bit before we start accusing your husband of infidelity and illicit spending. It’s a credit card – not a brothel receipt or a hotel room receipt, so just calm down and think rationally for a moment before things get out of hand. Perhaps he is using it to buy you a really nice present or maybe he’s just being sensible and has put it away for a rainy day. I think in these situations it’s not always a great idea to leap to the worst case scenarios – and it’s a great idea to find out the truth before you twist yourself into a thousand knots. Tell him you found it, keep an open mind and see where it goes from there.

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Issue 1541

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